1. Visit the Art Insitute of Chicago

2. Eat Pancreas / Pretend to be Abe Froeman, Sausage King of Chicago

3. Lean on the glass at the top of Sears Tower

4. Walk the loop, location of the Von Steuben Day Parade

5. Check out Wrigley Field

I haven’t done very well on my Ferris Bueller checklist today. However, there’s still this evening and all of tomorrow to work on it. I was disappointed to discover that Chagall’s America Windows, the ones Ferris and Sloan kissed near, are not currently on display due to construction. The Cubs games are all sold out this weekend or I would have gone to one. I think I’m over seeing Wrigley Field, honestly. I’ll update the list tomorrow when I get back to Davis.

Update: The idea of eating pancreas kinda grosses me out, and I’m not that big of a baseball fan anyway. I did go to the top of Sears Tower, an event which took $12 and 3 hours of my life. I suggest avoiding this tourist trap on the weekend if you ever have the choice. Pics up soon.

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