Epic Template Fail

The latest quality email from United. As if they needed to remind me that they suck after canceling my flight.

United flight {0} on {1} from {2} to {3} is canceled. You are now confirmed on flight {4} on {5} from {6} to {7} connecting to flight {8} from {9} to {10}.
Flight {11} departs: {12} {13}, {14}
Flight {15} arrives: {16} at {17}
Flight {18} departs: {19} {20}, {21}
Flight {22} departs: {23} {24}, {25}
Flight {26} arrives: {27} at {28}

Mr. Potato Head

In line for Toy Story at Hollywood Studios in Orlando. It turns out this ride is more video game than rollercoaster, but incredibly fun. It’s also probably the most popular in Disney World. Now if only Mr. Potato Head didn’t blink when I took his picture!


Hiking to the Hollywood Sign

Mom, Maer and I hiked the Hollyridge trail to the Hollywood sign this afternoon. The hike is probably only about 2 miles round trip… worth it. The drive there (braving LA traffic) from my mom’s is the hardest part; I was feeling a little car-sick by the time we finally got to the trailhead. Note the lack of smog today!

Sign from Afar.

Sign from Afar.

Smogless sky.

Smogless sky.

Mom and Me.

Mom and Me.

Mom and Maer.

Mom and Maer.

Sign's backside.

Sign’s backside.

Sayonara USA

I made the somewhat spontaneous decision today to buy a ticket to Japan. I’ll be there for two weeks in July. My friend Lisa is teaching English for a year in Fujisawa (Kanagawa prefecture), so I’ll have a place to squat.

I haven’t been out of the U.S. (with the exception of trips to Tijuana and Vancouver) since I graduated from high school in 2002 and journeyed with Adam and Lisa to Western Europe.

I’ll blog later on actual plans during my visit. For now, I’m off to Seattle for mother’s day where I’ll see mother, sister and brother-in-law.

Snowman Emblem

Lauren (sister) and Kenny (brother-in-law) came down from Seattle, Adam came up from Irvine, and we all went (with Micah) to Tahoe for the weekend. Let’s just say it snowed:

Kirkwood has received over 14 FEET of NEW SNOW! The conditions are absolutely epic. The entire resort is wide open — the chutes, the bowls, the steeps, the cliffs, it’s all amazing. Here’s the breakdown; Storm One (2/8) 5.5 FEET; Storm Two (2/21) 2 FEET; Storm Three (2/25) 6.5 FEET!

It took 9 hours to get home on Sunday, 6 of which were spent traveling 4 miles. Good lord. Adam missed his flight but, on the bright side, had a chance to turn my Mercedes emblem into a snowman.

SoCal for T-giving

I’m in LA with mom for Thanksgiving. We’ll be going to Cousin Sonny’s, where I’ll see the step-family, including Michael and April this time (step-bro and sis)! I then plan to see dad in the O.C., and Wayne in San Diego. I’ll let you know how it goes, dearest reader. Happy T-giving.

While I’m here I have some down time to take some online traffic school. Yippee!


1. Visit the Art Insitute of Chicago

2. Eat Pancreas / Pretend to be Abe Froeman, Sausage King of Chicago

3. Lean on the glass at the top of Sears Tower

4. Walk the loop, location of the Von Steuben Day Parade

5. Check out Wrigley Field

I haven’t done very well on my Ferris Bueller checklist today. However, there’s still this evening and all of tomorrow to work on it. I was disappointed to discover that Chagall’s America Windows, the ones Ferris and Sloan kissed near, are not currently on display due to construction. The Cubs games are all sold out this weekend or I would have gone to one. I think I’m over seeing Wrigley Field, honestly. I’ll update the list tomorrow when I get back to Davis.

Update: The idea of eating pancreas kinda grosses me out, and I’m not that big of a baseball fan anyway. I did go to the top of Sears Tower, an event which took $12 and 3 hours of my life. I suggest avoiding this tourist trap on the weekend if you ever have the choice. Pics up soon.