Nest Schedule

I’ve had a bunch of different schedules on our Nest thermostat, and this one seems to be my favorite:

We only have heat, so cooling isn’t a consideration. If we make tweaks throughout the day, we’ll land back at 65° F at 10pm, unless overridden thereafter. I find I’d rather be the one manually cranking it up when we’re cold than to schedule it in assuming we’re going to feel cold. Changing manually is especially easy because we can do it on our devices. Of course, geofencing is on so it knows when we’re away and won’t heat above away temp. There’s always the possibility I’ll change my mind when fall temperatures roll in later this year, but for now this seems to be working fine.

Epic Template Fail

The latest quality email from United. As if they needed to remind me that they suck after canceling my flight.

United flight {0} on {1} from {2} to {3} is canceled. You are now confirmed on flight {4} on {5} from {6} to {7} connecting to flight {8} from {9} to {10}.
Flight {11} departs: {12} {13}, {14}
Flight {15} arrives: {16} at {17}
Flight {18} departs: {19} {20}, {21}
Flight {22} departs: {23} {24}, {25}
Flight {26} arrives: {27} at {28}

Mr. Potato Head

In line for Toy Story at Hollywood Studios in Orlando. It turns out this ride is more video game than rollercoaster, but incredibly fun. It’s also probably the most popular in Disney World. Now if only Mr. Potato Head didn’t blink when I took his picture!