Hello world!

My webhost made some fatal error and erased all my content. Maybe my entire website being wiped clean is a sign, this being a time of transition from college into the real world. For those of you who still don’t know, I graduated at the end of last quarter and was hired on March 31 with Accenture as a “consulting analyst.” I start work in exactly 10 days… geez, that’s soon. I’ll train for 3 weeks in SF, 2 in Chicago, then start full time in Sacramento.

I’m not that bummed about losing all my content. I may decide to import all my old posts from blogger in the future. Until then, I will begin over again. The only real pain is losing my gallery. Fortunately, I have all those pictures backed up on my hard drive.

I’ll be taking a road trip to Oregon and Washington tomorrow. We’ll (hopefully) visit my cousin Kristen in Portland, my friends from Yellowstone Matt, Erica, and Ruby in Eugene, and Lauren and Kenny in Seattle. My co-pilot Smeagol (Aaron) and I have planned very little. All we know for sure is we’ll have a map and a full tank of gas. This should be fun.

You’ll hear from me again after the trip ends, the day before picnic day.

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  1. lauren · May 1, 2006

    Shawn is clearly too busy being a hot shot consultant to update his blog.

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