Snowman Emblem

Lauren (sister) and Kenny (brother-in-law) came down from Seattle, Adam came up from Irvine, and we all went (with Micah) to Tahoe for the weekend. Let’s just say it snowed:

Kirkwood has received over 14 FEET of NEW SNOW! The conditions are absolutely epic. The entire resort is wide open — the chutes, the bowls, the steeps, the cliffs, it’s all amazing. Here’s the breakdown; Storm One (2/8) 5.5 FEET; Storm Two (2/21) 2 FEET; Storm Three (2/25) 6.5 FEET!

It took 9 hours to get home on Sunday, 6 of which were spent traveling 4 miles. Good lord. Adam missed his flight but, on the bright side, had a chance to turn my Mercedes emblem into a snowman.