Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

I’m almost half way through week 2 at Core Analyst School. I’ve made some good friends from Spain, England, and Finland, to name a few. Last Thursday a bunch of Accenture people went to Cadillac Ranch, a local bar and dance club. I was surprised how so many consultants can party so hard. The best (and worst) part about the place was the free Cuervo shots.

My start group is also here. Eight of us paid a visit to Chicago (about an hour away) over the weekend for some “festivities.” We hit up the bar on the 96th floor of Hancock Tower and 3 other local bars. It was an all-around success: No one was sick, Riley got a girl’s number, and Mario chastized a woman in the next car who made her opinion known using racial slurs.

This coming weekend I’ll be spending some time in Chicago on my own. I plan to eat pancreas, visit Wrigley Field, Sears Tower and the Art Institute of Chicago, and maybe even sing “Danke Schoen” or “Twist and Shout” in the Von Steuben Day parade.

Whistle while I work.

I’m a working man! After my first week of training, I’ve met some awesome people and learned a ton. Orientation and pre-requisite courses were last week, and this week Solution Delivery Fundamentals. We’ll start coding tomorrow or the next day, which I’m looking forward to (being a nerd). In my position there’s no guarantee that I’ll be a developer; most likely a tester. I know by now that I’ll be stationed in the downtown Sacramento office here, just a few blocks from the state capitol building and my favorite sushi bar, Mikuni.

Until then I’m training in SF in Spear Tower at 1 Market Street. Accenture rents the top three floors of the building so we get a bird’s eye view of the San Francisco bay. Today that view was seasoned with thousands of ralliers for immigrant policy reform. Even from 42 floors above the commotion the crowd was clearly audible. I support them and commend the efforts of every person who has made his or her voice heard. Too bad there aren’t any American citizens speaking up about important issues, myself included.

My roadtrip with Smeags was a blast. We checked every destination and individual off our list, including a trip to the Willamette Valley for fine Oregon wine tasting the Ballard Locks in Seattle. Thanks go out to Matt in Eugene, cousin Kristen in Portland, and Lauren, Kenny and Justin in Seattle for their hospitality.

Tonight I’m in week two of my five-week training. I’m staying at the Club Quarters, a beautiful spot in downtown. I’ll be here for two weeks, then to St. Charles, Il for some more Accenture school.