Went to the REI flagship store in Seattle over the weekend, which happened to be during their anniversary sale. The place has a waterfall, bike and hiking demo trails and a huge rockclimbing wall. It was glorious. I bought the Solomon Techamphibian water shoes in camo using my $40 gift card, given to me when signing up for the REI Visa card. That, combined with the 20% anniversary sale discount and another 10% or so back in dividends made them way affordable. And I’ll look like a badass hiking Mt Fuji.

Guitar Hero II

Possibly the best thing to happen to man (since sliced bread and legos) is Guitar Hero II, the new Xbox 360 game. My roommate and I have been rocking out for a week straight since it came in the mail last week. Granted, we’re no good on hard-mode yet (especially when intoxicated), but it’s only a matter of time. Pictures of us rocking out hopefully to follow shortly.

Dilbert Blog

I’ve been reading some Dilbert Blog lately. I think Scott Adams and I would get along. Like me he’s mostly silly and gets caught saying dumb things. He also likes windmills. Most of his critics are way high-strung and have too much time on their hands. Don’t read the comments, if you know what’s good for you.

Holiday Rituals

Thanksgiving would be incomplete without the ritual assembling-of-Ikea-furniture-for-mother. Forty-eight screws, eighteen (plywood) pieces, and two caliced hands later we have a new queen-sized guest bed.

On a less ritualistic note, I read this today during my online traffic school. Lesson #2:

“We carry our emotional state into the car. If we’re having a bad day at home or at the office we will be inclined to vent our frustration on the road. Add to that several cups of strongly caffeinated coffee or cans of soda, and you have a prescription for aggressive driving.”

So much for drivethru Starbucks.